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Subnet Calculator

IP [A] IP [B]
Subnet Mask [C]
Subnet Minimum Subnet Maximum
  • Place IPs from a range into A and B, [TAB] away or hit [ENTER] and the other fields will update show the minimal subnet required for both.
  • The subnet may be changed manually by editing the middle fields. The reference IP for any subnet changes is IP [A].
  • Magic happens if a subnet /xx reference is included in A or B.
  • Magic also happens if a negative number is entered in A, B or C.
  • The [v] buttons copy their respective IPs into the formatter below.

IP Formatter

IP in 4   . . .    
Oct in 4   . . .    
Hex in 4   . . .    
  • Change any field and [TAB] away or hit [ENTER] to update the others
  • Buttons A, B and C copy the IP field to the relevant field in the subnet form.


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