Sandra Bullock commends thee

Mr. Munchmallo is a very scary, ham fisted, dozy, marshmallow loving character from the depths of the CyrekSoft psyche.

He's the main character in some very short nonsensical stories that contain their own internal twisted logic. Many stories (although there's only three on the site at this writing) reference the others either explaining or further confusing the state of facts in Mr. Munchmallo's universe.

Mallo, as he prefers to be called when he's in the mood for conversation (which is practically never), is usually around 6'7" (~200cm) tall and equally wide at shoulder and hips. His legs are short and feet and head small, but his arms match the scale of his torso. He wears a black suit and a white shirt open at the collar, and shouts a lot due to his confused thought processes.

As regards the fairer sex, Mallo knows of someone called Susan. This may be his sister, possibly someone else close, or even a figment of someone's imagination that he perceives as being real. Susan may or may not be self-aware.

Mr. Munchmallo is the guy who shouts on buses, the man who sidles up to you in a lift and tells you he's got new socks on (actually, he's more likely just to shout "NEW SOCKS!", but you get the picture), the man who calls you a cab ("YOU ARE CAB!"), the man who gets on the 'phone and calls you an ambulance (then dismounts the 'phone and wonders why it's crushed), and the guy with the cold fusion reactor in his basement at the end of the wormhole in his pocket.