Old Shell Scripts

Once upon a time (much like it says in the FAQ), I used to be a student on a Computer Science course. That course introduced me to the world of Unix, X window, and importantly, shell scripting. This page serves to showcase some of the shell scripts I wrote while I was studying for my degree. They're a mixture of mainly C-Shell (hey, I knew no better back then...) and Korn Shell (...but I did learn).

That said, I have to say that I accept no responsibility for what might happen to your computer if you actually decide to run these scripts as-is. They were hard-coded to work on an old Sun Microsystems System V Unix system, and were often designed to be run only by me as a lowly user. Woe betide the user who might run these as root before at least checking them. Treat them as examples only. Batteries not included.


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