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The Domain of Cyrek

Site last updated: 02-Oct-06 @ 02:15 UTC

What's New?

  • The site layout! Not so long ago I felt compelled to make the menu on the left dynamic, and now after this thread on the UserFriendly comics site, I've sold out and switched the site to a liquid layout. Resizing the text with your browser doesn't break the layout any more and resizing your browser window re-flows the text.
  • GNU bc - After a quite a large number of visits (for this small website) to the bc page, I've decided to add a few more functions and fix some minor gotchas in some of the libraries. Watch out or you might be extrapolated by a Glai.
  • Subnet Calculator / IP Formatter - Old visitors to the site might remember something called the IP Munge'r that was available from the Tools page a while back. That very tool has now been upgraded by being incorporated into, and replaced by, this wondrous entity.
  • Old Shell Scripts - Brought back from the grave because Heiner over at Shelldorado remembered my old student website and asked for them to be visible once more to the Unix-loving public.
  • Warren's Wood is a mini text adventure that's recently been translated from Perl to JavaScript. Old-school gamers will remember the days of Infocom et. al. when graphics were something you made up in your head as you played the game; Probably the best form of fun your terminal could provide. Watch out or you might be bitten by Grue.

What's to come?

  • Other stuff. Heck. I don't know. Mail me with suggestions. Flames will be used to toast marshmallows. When I have enough I'll set Mr. Munchmallo on you.


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